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How to configure MIXXX for play music on Internet Radio, Second Life and Alife Virtual



In order to stream your music you must have a stream server
You can have a server just visit our site:

Configure MIXXX

1. Download archive from and install to your computer using the default settings.
2. Drag and drop lame_enc.dll from downladed archive to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mixxx folder.
3. Open MIXXX, go to Options > Preferences > Live Broadcasting.
4. Fill in the below settings, you will have all this information after you buy a stream from

Type: Shoutcast 1

Host: Server IP

Login: Must be emty!

Mount: Must be emty!

Port: Server Port

Password: Password

Bitrate: 128kbps

Format: MP3

Channels: Stereo

Stream Name: You need to write a name there! Any name is ok!

Genre: You need to write a genre there! Any genre is ok!

5. You are now ready to broadcasting. Click Options > Enable Live Broadcasting and wait for connection message.
6. Anything you play from MIXXX will be streamed live to all your listeners.
7. Open your internet browser and paste your music url you will see there the status of your stream and listen your music via internet.

Play Music in Second Life and Alife Virtual

Your music url should be added to a parcel of land so everyone on that land will hear your music.
If you own the land go to "About Land". Click on the "Sound" tab and paste your music url.
Close the dialog, and when you press play on the viewer you should hear your own music.
If you do not own land ask the owner to change the url for you.

Sorin Todys
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